Short Film Project

Jewelry piece inspired by “O Rapaz e O Peixe” – Ana Guimarães

While finishing the pre-production, “O Rapaz e o Peixe” challenged artists to develop their interpretations on the short film’s script.

The fourth artist we are proud to present is the portuguese jewelry designer Ana Guimarães, graduated by ESAD. Ana is responsible for the project Jewels Don’t Shine. She centers her researches in the graphic universe on contemporary artistic illustrations.

Inspired by the script from “O Rapaz e O Peixe”, Ana Guimarães created a silver pendant with metal chain. It’s an exclusive, hand made piece.

Available for sale (package included) for 30 eur. Part of the sale will revert to the project “O Rapaz e O Peixe”.

Find more about the artist:

jewels don’t shine


“O Rapaz e O Peixe” ilustrations by Vera Martins

While finishing the pre-production, “O Rapaz e o Peixe” challenged artists to develop their interpretations on the short film’s script.

The third artist we are proud to present is the portuguese designer Vera Martins, graduated by UBI and with a master degree at FBAUP.

Vera Martins focused on the narrative’s key elements, through stilyzed borders that reveal themselves insufficent to enclose the element’s meaning, materialized in its color.

Find more about Vera Martins:

Online portfolios:
Digital illustration and photography:


Kubik composes musical theme inspired by “O Rapaz e O Peixe”

While finishing the pre-production, “O Rapaz e o Peixe” challenged artists to develop their interpretations on the short film’s script.

The second artist we are proud to present is Kubik, the portuguese composer. His third album, “Psicotic Jazz Hall“, was released in June, 2011 and the presentation tour continues until the end of the year.

Kubik composed a theme with two different parts, that represent the opposed feelings along the emotional path of the story.

His distinctively electronic touch gives place to a more humanized sensation, by pitching from an atmospheric logic to a melodic one.
At the same time, this musical theme breeds anguish and catharsis.

Find more about Kubik’s work:


Emerging artists reinterpret “O Rapaz e o Peixe – The Boy and the Fish”

illustrations by Zane Veldre

After 4 months of backstage working in the pre-production, “O Rapaz e o Peixe” gives the next step. The production is now established in Benedita, next to Alcobaça, where we could find important partners for the project. With the company Mateus & Couto, Lda we obtained an apartment to film; we also guaranteed an ancient house to film as well.

Another important news is the acquisition of Sony’s latest prosumer camera, the NEX-FS100e, featuring a Super 35mm sensor and interchangeable lenses.

While finishing the pre-production, “O Rapaz e o Peixe” challenged emerging artists to develop their interpretations on the short film’s script. The first artist we are proud to present is Zane Veldre, 25 year old latvian ilustrator, graduated by the Art Academy of Latvia.

Zane developed a series of ilustrations that captured the essence of the script through an aesthetics that derives from magic realism to abstraction.

Find more about Zane Veldre’s work:




Short film project – Crowd Funding

Who we are:

We are a group of three young portuguese filmmakers, concluding a degree on Documentary Cinema. Our goal is to develop a cinematic approach that questions the boundaries between reality and fiction. We hope to do that by giving full importance to the narrative aspects of cinema.

Our project:

We are currently pre-producing a short-footage about a boy who has to deal with death for the first time, when the fish in his aquarium stops moving. The family tries to stanch the boy’s questions, making him look for answers by himself.

It’s our most ambitious project so far, involving partnerships with several colaborators and entities

Our colective and individual path:
-participation in PrimeirOlhar/Ibertelco 2011’s jury;

-publication of an article in the magazine CINEMA, number 42 ,from the Federation of Portuguese Cineclubs;

-participation in Prémio Universidades DocLisboa 2010’s jury, for best long-footage of the international competition;

-co-direction of the documentary “The Pleasant Feeling of Being In a More Innocent Age”, based on the american writer Paul Bowles’ passage by Portugal, specially produced for the International Congress “Do You Bowles”, Lisbon;

-qualification for the final stage of the World Photography Gala Awards 2010 – The Pollux Awards;

-honorable mention in the PrimeirOlhar 2010 competition, attributed by the PrimeirOlhar/Cineclubes’ jury, for the short-footage Éter (

-participation in the short-footage “Contratempo”, winner of the CANON challenge, Estoril Film Festival 2009

Our proposal:

Our current project’s ambition requires a financial structure that is above our possibilities, even if we are talking of a low-budget production. Our personal effort is yet insufficient to bridge such necessities as the rental and acquisition of equipments, the food and accomodation for the actors and colaborators involved. This way, we appeal to the personal contribution of everyone, as well as to the project’s divulgation. A small amount multiplied by many, will help us produce a short film with the capacity to compete in national and international festivals.

How can you help us?

If you feel interested in our project, you can colaborate by making a small donation. For that purpose, we have created an account (check the IBAN). We do not establish any values, it is you who defines what is fair for us and for your wallet.

1 euro makes the difference. It is equally important to spread the word about this, so we also ask you to put it on the social platforms you might use, as well as blogs.

This is the IBAN

PT50003600599910011847694 – Luís Filipe Montanha Santos Teixeira (Montepio Geral)

What do we give in return?

It is very important to make known the number of people involved in making a short film. As so, we kindly ask you to send to our email your name and your IBAN. We understand that some people may prefer to keep anonymity. We obviously respect that position, but still encourage you to send us the info, so that this idea of collective colaboration may obtain expression.

In order to encourage everyone’s involvement, we will update every advance in the production, such as closing deals and partnerships, picking the settings, and surpassing steps.

If, with everyone’s help, we manage to finance the project, we expect to have it ready in the end of 2011/beginning of 2012

Thank You.


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